Mobile Phone, Wi-Fi and Internet Reception

Ballinger Hall has good connectivity for mobiles phones, internet and Wi-Fi.

The hall is equipped with a signal booster for mobile phone signals and has Wi-Fi throughout the hall.

The Wi-fi password is posted in the entrance to the hall and is changed regularly for security reasons.

Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone and Internet Reception at the Hall

The Hall has installed a signal booster to facilitate good 4G reception from all mobile phone networks. In addition to voice and text, this allows you to access the internet directly on your smartphone.
In addition, if you want to use a device such as a laptop that needs a Wi-Fi signal rather than 4G to receive the internet, then you can use your smartphone as a “hotspot” to provide the required Wi-Fi signal by doing the following:
If you have an Apple iPhone, open the Settings menu, then tap Personal Hotspot and use the slider to turn on the function. Now on your laptop or other device requiring Wi-Fi, open the Wi-Fi menu and you will see the name of your iPhone displayed as a network choice. Press Connect and then enter the Wi-Fi password that you will find listed underneath the Personal Hotspot option in your iPhone Settings menu. Once you have tapped this password into your laptop or other device it will be connected to the internet.
If you have an Android phone such as Samsung, open the Settings menu and select the option marked Connections. Scroll down and choose Mobile Hotspot and Tethering, using the slider to turn it on. Now on your laptop or other device requiring Wi-Fi, open the Wi-Fi menu and select the name that you gave your smartphone. Press Connect, enter the password you set, and your laptop or other device will be connected to the internet. There may be slight variations in this procedure depending on what Android version you have.
You will find more information about creating a hotspot in your smartphone documentation or by entering “how to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot” into any search engine.